Best jobs to earn lots of money

Best jobs to earn lots of money

Here are the highest paid jobs


Average base salary: 000 180 000

United States It is estimated that the country's highest-paid work and physician employment will increase by 14% between 2014 and 2024 as the average of all occupations


Average basic salary: 4,144,500

The amount of the payment varies according to the law in which you are. However, the average income is better suited to an agricultural professional, which is the second highest-paying job in the United States.

R & D Manager

Average basic salary: 2,142,120

Research and development leaders assume a variety of roles that depend on the leader, ranging from product style and worker supervision to new partnerships.

Software Development Manager

Average basic salary: 2,000 132,000

Software developers create and maintain systems behind PC programs. The vision of this work is brilliant; It is expected to increase by 17% between 2014 and 2024.

Director of Pharmacy

Average base salary: $ 130,000

This condition of social control generally requires several years of experience in addition to the bachelor's degree, which all pharmacists must possess.

Strategic Manager

Average base salary: $ 130,000

Strategic managers often develop business plans to promote partnerships, drive growth and create profitable new businesses. A bachelor's degree is required and some employers require master lists, Clostur lists.

Software Developer

Average basic salary: $ 128,250

Software architects create PC programs and communicate technology projects with business leaders. A scientific degree is usually required.

Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

Average basic salary: 7,127,500

Styler IC engineers provide support for electrical design and development and solve hardware-related technical problems. For the most part, B.S. O Master of Science in Applied Science.

IT manager

Average basic salary: 000 120 000

IT managers verify that all devices, packages, and networks in your organization are swimming and working to achieve their IT goals. IT managers typically earn a bachelor's degree in various areas of technical expertise.

The creator of solutions.

Average basic salary: 000 120 000

Solution architects direct or facilitate the style of the product, but are also more interested in the technical aspect of its manufacture. Academic requirements range from a bachelor's degree in psychology or data systems to a master's degree in engineering or sales.

Engagement Manager

Average basic salary: 000 120 000

Commitment Managers are responsible for customer relations. Skills in inventory sales and project management are needed. Packaging or technical skills often help.

Application Development Manager

Average basic salary: 000 120 000

These managers manage and update internal systems and packages. The field requires a bachelor's degree and several years of experience.


Average base salary: 8,000 118,000

Pharmaceutical specialists are well paid but have a lot of time and have to work weekly shifts. They have a level of observation.

System Creator

Average basic salary: 6,116,920

These architects create and manage the company's database, packages, and computer cryptography. A bachelor's or master's degree in engineering, engineering or related field is required.

Fund Manager

Average base salary: 5,000 115,000

Fund Managers "develop financial statements, direct investment activities, and forms and plans for their company's long-term monetary objectives

The data is human.

Average base salary: 5,000 115,000

Computer scientists and data analysts solve complex computer problems. Employment for this job is expected to increase eleven percent from 2014 to 2024, which is faster than usual.

Risk manager

Average base salary: 5,000 115,000

Risk managers are concerned with insurance, liability and legal compliance. The requirements for labor and education vary considerably among trades.

Creative Director

Average base salary: 5,000 115,000

Creative Managers lead new sales programs for the company, which creates stigma and style. Homework requirements vary, but leadership data can be helpful.

Data creator

Average basic salary: 3,113,000

Data architects create technical and data roadmaps for the enterprise. This position usually includes technical and / or B.S. skills in engineering or data systems.

Line Manager

Average base salary: 000 110 000

Tax administrators prepare income tax returns at the federal and regional levels for individuals and businesses. Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Accounting Required.

Design Manager

Average basic salary: 6,106,500

Designers blame images and execution with the customer or the potential customer company. Roles in all industries vary considerably.

Information Systems Manager

Average base salary: 6,106,000

Like the Associate Nursing Data Technology Officer, this role is broad in terms of responsibilities. Data system administrators manage the data, but manage it.
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