how to earn money from android apps

how to earn money from android apps 

Be rewarded for responding to surveys

Google Opinion Rewards

It can be a little surprising to say that Google has its own affiliate app, which is used to make money. Get credits from Google Play by responding to Google Feedback Rewards surveys. Every time a new survey is published, it receives a notification and only pays a few minutes to answer a series of questions, nothing too heavy.

When you complete a survey, you receive a credit from the Google Play Store, which you can use to purchase apps, music, and alternative content. There is still a lot of time to finish the studies. So be careful not to wait too long to finish them.


Use sprocket to make money with photos, services, brands and ideas related to products and analysis. The zone unit uses simple and quick to manage tasks. You may be forced to leave home, but you do not need to be sick.

You can shorten your work to a group address, participate or even book tours. The more you participate, the more money you will earn and therefore the more money you will earn. You can request a refund of your money on your current account or your PayPal account.

Investigations on the move

Fill out the survey and get the money. Unlike Google's concept rewards, it becomes money. However, the zone unit will only have access to two units in a given month, so encourage yourself to take a comfortable fast. But it's good to get two US dollars now. The app is very easy to use, so it's a little beer / breakfast or little effort.

Make money to test applications


Being paid to watch apps may seem like a thank you for the time paid, AppCasher is your driveway. He receives credits for placing and launching apps, and these credits are renamed gift cards, which they use to buy items on Amazon or iTunes. Instead, you want to transfer money to your PayPal account.

You can also recommend your friends to the app, and if they use their special code, anyone who signs up will have more credit.


Cash Pirate is a parallel application that converts points into cash. Registered users can view apps, invite friends to participate in surveys, and play games. Thousands of points mean $ 1, which can be reused to store items in the Play Store or transferred to a PayPal account.

Sell ​​your previous items


In all likelihood, the eBay website does not need to be submitted, but is the Golem app from the World Health Organization so useful for mobile care? EBay allows you to sell almost, but tons of people are starting to sell online.

Amazon Merchant

After eBay, the next stop for a commercial entry is Amazon. The Amazon Merchant App allows you to block 1 of the world's largest retailers with your smartphone.

Like eBay, it's often thanks to converting your previous items into useful money, which can be the beginning of a successful business.

Registration to become an Amazon Merchant Partner is free, but you must pay $ 99.99 for each item you subscribe to. For most winning sellers, you may want a rate of 99.99 instead of a 39.99 monthly fee.


Alternative artists, manufacturers and artisans can easily meet Etsy. Designed for a wide variety of craft items, shoppers are turning to Etsy for a unique craft product, but, honestly, homeowners are selling what they want.

You can manage your appearance using Go On Etsy. This allows you to manage your appearance, orders and lists, as well as chat with potential hosts. If Amazon is too commercial for you and eBay is too bad, try trading your products on Etsy.

 Find an independent job online


Freelancer is not only an application to make money online in minutes, but also to find freelance jobs in order to generate additional Greenbacks.

The owners have arrived and the freelancers have projects of execution time, hence the cost of their services. In the end, the freelancer can do the work if his plans match what the client wants.


This is for animal lovers. Pawshake also owns pet owners who look after, guide, treat dogs or feed cats when they are busy on vacation or at work.

Potential pets are registered on the company's website, but the reservation is managed via the app. You can extend the service up and down on a boardwalk or food dish, such as bringing animals home or decorating / training them.

The compensation for each activity varies and Pawshake recommends the rates first (and takes their deductions), but ordinary people make money for you.
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