Top websites to earn money online

Top  websites to earn money online 

Square measures many simple and legal ways to earn several dollars online.

1. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk went through Amazon. Perform simple tasks, such as selecting a 2-sided deck, where everyone can connect and make more money. With some apps you will get many eco-friendly packages while watching TV in your bed. Pay enough attention and earn enough to pay.

2. Youtube

YouTube allows anyone to publish explicit videos on any subject. It is easy to record the video by launching the camera on your computer and pressing the record button. If you edit ads on your videos, you'll earn between $ 1 and $ 3 per 1,000 views. Get more videos, more views, so this option is very useful if you save more videos and increase the number of viewers.

3. eLance

The Coalition allows them to seek independent work in any industry to find their free time. Leaving Elance is not only about making a lot of money, it's about creating an ANfreelance portfolio to showcase your talent, but also to create a network of buyers.

4. Amazon Kindle Direct Business

Direct Commercial License for Amazon Kindle The World Health Organization has written its own book on Amazon to convert it to Amazon Kindle devices. For example, you want to write and sell something completely special. If you change it here and sell online through social networks or blogs, you will earn up to seventy percent of each sale by selling copies of your book.

5. Fotolia

Fotolia allows you to sell the photos you have taken for the use of photos. For example, if a publisher tries to find an image of the range and you download this image, they will be allowed to use the image when they launch using Fotolia and you will be eligible for a refund. It's a good thank you for winning so many greenbacks for some of his best quick photos for photography.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably the most widespread and systematic survey site on the net. Swagbucks pays you less for your collaboration in a survey of buyers than for what businesses are working to create and sell. Every day, you participate in a large number of surveys and you save money on Swagbucks revenue for Amazon, Target, iTunes gift cards, and more.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr can be the website on which you actually earn $ 5. Modify the jobs of people trying to reach the age of 5, for example by writing Facebook messages in companies on the stand. Many roles require skills such as graphic style or audio writing, but square metrics that you do in bed at your leisure.

8. Shared competence

Skill sharing can be a website on which a type of website is taught and compiled. Post a series of videos about what you understand: a wide range of topics includes crafts, film, fashion and production, so join the skills exchange forums of your kind. Instead, you receive money from people who take your type. For starters, no teaching degree is important, so teachers earn an average of 500-3,500 a year, according to the website.

9. virtual

The virtual is the first option, but the most rewarding. With Zirtual, hire a busy person as a virtual assistant. The person can try to write emails, analyze a topic, summarize the results or order flowers, keep a personal calendar or write notes. The initial base salary is $ 11 per hour and virtual assistants work full time during the week.

All of these websites offer great opportunities for someone to make money online. It all depends on what you want to bring back to the table in terms of time, money and effort.
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